Red Silicone Cooking Gloves

Kröwn Silicone Cooking Gloves keep your hands safe from dry and wet heat in the kitchen or at the grill, with quick, easy cleanup.

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Imagine picking up hot juicy meat right off the grill. Or plucking piping hot corn on the cob directly out of boiling water.

You can’t do that with regular cloth oven mitts, that’s for sure.

red silicone cooking gloves

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But you CAN with Kröwn Silicone Cooking Gloves. In fact, after you switch to silicone, you may consider replacing your fiber-filled oven mitts forever!

Kröwn Silicone Cooking Gloves use advanced technology provide safety, comfort and versatility in the kitchen while baking or cooking, and while grilling on the bbq.

Regular cloth oven mitts can be a pain to clean and downright dangerous for your hands if you spill hot liquid on them. Silicone is waterproof, so you never have to worry about hot liquids soaking through.

That doesn’t mean Silicone cooking gloves are perfect for every situation. These gloves are rated to 425F degrees, but don’t try to hold anything that hot for more than about 10 seconds before its starts to conduct heat through the gloves. If cook primarily with cast iron or at temperatures higher than 425F, you may want to investigate heavier cloves.

For average home cooking, baking and grilling needs, these gloves are a “perfect fit.”

✔ Your hands stay safe and dry whether cooking on the stove top, baking in the oven, or even grilling saucy BBQ on the grill.
✔ Grasp and handle hot foods effortlessly without fear of burning yourself. Perfect for shredding meat hot off the grill.
✔ Remove hot casserole and baking pans from the oven with confidence!
✔ Our Premium-Grade Gloves are non-toxic with no fillers, so you get full heat resistance up to 425F degrees.
✔ You get 2 Gloves with each order so both hands are always protected. No more straining to hold one side of the pan with a mitt and the other side with a pot holder (hoping you can make it to the table before you get burned)
✔ Gloves are waterproof to provide a versatile range of use in the kitchen. We only manufacture FDA approved products follow strict quality standards for silicone products.