Radio Controlled (RC) Drone with In-Flight Camera

Have a blast flying your own private radio-controlled helicopter drone. Includes push button-activated HD video camera and still image capture!

Price: 179.99

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Fly your own private drone with HD video and image capture camera!

Fly your own camera drone

Fly your own drone and take video or still pictures on-demand

This drone helicopter is super easy to fly both indoors and outdoors, and has 3 built-in stability modes.

Activate the built-in camera at any time during flight with simple trigger actions. Easily switch between video and still image capture.

This functionality is pre-programmed on the included 5-channel transmitter.

Equipped to thrill
Choose between three SAFE enhanced flight modes. High and low angle flight modes are designed to deliver stable video and image capture while the agility mode setting allows you to experience aerobatic flight.