Magnetic Phone Mount for Car

This is the easiest-to-use car phone mount system ever. Once your mount is installed, just hover your phone near the magnetic plate and it instantly snaps into place.

Price: $24.99

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Most car mounts for mobile phones are more trouble than they’re worth.  Hard to install. Finicky positioning. A billion steps to follow. This handy little device solves all that instantly.

magnetic car phone mountMount the suction cup base on your windshield or other smooth surface. Attach a magic plate (included) to your phone. Then just hover your device near the magnetic surface of the mount and it instantly locks securely in place.

You can even get other mounts for around the office and home so  you can quickly mount your phone every place you need it and never have to worry about hardware again!

Simple solutions are often best.

Because technology should make our lives easier and more enjoyable, not more complicated.

That’s what this ingenious phone mounting system does.

Quickly “locks” into place when you get in your car. No complicated straps or clips. And when you’re ready to leave, just grab and go. Super easy. Super convenient.

Get one for every car you own.