Collapsible Golf Push Cart

This golf "Push Cart" is are more portable, lighter and more durable than traditional golf pull carts, and much easier to steer and navigate. Super-compact, and affordable.

Price: $140

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Golf push carts make your round of golf more enjoyable. They are easier to push and steer over uneven terrain, and super easy to transport.
golf push cart easily folds
It starts with the compact design that stores easily in the even the most crowded car trunks. No more trying to cram the clubs and the cart into tight spaces (and possibly damaging your equipment)

Folding and unfolding is super-simple and this Axglo model folds into one of the tiniest and most compact footprints you’ll find (see picture below and right).

But don’t let the compact size fool you. This cart is very solid and sturdy with its new single-wide tubing frame push cart folded

Plus a newly-designed gliding system completely eliminates the scratches to the body frame when folding and unfolding of the push cart.

On the course, your clubs are held upright, so you never have to worry about your bag slipping off the cart.

Includes a beverage and umbrella holder, plus a large capacity console for storage of personal effects, golf balls, and other accessories as well as a scorecard holder.

Weighs is 18 pounds.